Project Greenlight Returns!


With the plethora of reality shows that we seem to be constantly bombarded with, it almost seems like an oversight that Project Greenlight hadn’t been brought back sooner.

This groundbreaking series created and produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck chronicled the life of a movie production from start to finish. Selection of the script to the premiere of the movie was all on display. As a multimedia producer, I am excited to see the show return. When the series first aired (2001-2005), film making was in a very different place than it is currently. People were still constrained in a sense by connections and money. Now with the establishment of YouTube and online content delivery along with film making gear becoming increasing affordable, the pool of people ready to express their cinematic visions is massive. This should make the upcoming season of the show very interesting.

I’m also excited to see the show because you rarely get a look into the amount of work that actual goes into making a movie from screenplay to premiere. Letting a wider audience see that process can only help to build respect for the industry and the craft.

The release date for the new season hasn’t been released by HBO yet, but stay tuned. As soon as I find out I’ll be sure to post about it.

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